About Jules

About Jules

I thought I would start by telling you all a little bit about myself, my family and why I left the corporate world to start my photography business.

So, you know my name… you can call me Julie, or Jules. In 2004, I met this guy who I thought I wanted nothing to do with… just one date, maybe two. Six months later, me and this guy who I wanted nothing to do with were engaged. We got married in 2006, had our first daughter in 2008, our son in 2010 and our dog, Blue in 2013. We live in a quaint little town in Ohio, sort of near Lake Erie.

I started my career in Commercial Real Estate in 2003. At that time, I was one of only 10 other women in that industry in our city. It was a struggle to make it into corporate America, both being young and a woman. However, I worked very hard and made it to the top 3rd broker in the city by the end of my career. So why leave? Easy! Real Estate was great, but after so many years, I just burned out. My kids were growing up and I was missing it.

For Mother’s Day in 2010, my husband bought me my first DSLR camera. End of story. I can’t say that photography was always my passion, it wasn’t. But as soon as I got my hands on that camera, my children became the most photographed children in the world! I couldn’t put it down. I wasn’t just taking pictures of them posed, or always smiling or even paying attention. I was taking pictures of them as they are. Just as they are. So that’s when it began, when I realized that I wasn’t just in love with photography, but in love with capturing moments as they are.

For 2 years, I doubled as a Corporate Commercial Real Estate Business Barbie by day, and fun loving, carefree true to myself photographer by night and weekend. I officially opened the doors to Jules White Photography October 15, 2013.

I will never look back. These babies, children and families that I work with all become part of me, who I am and who I always wanted to be.

My Philosophy

If you look up “Children and Family Photographer” you will find endless names and companies. When you look into them, you will find all sorts of packages, pricing options, styles, and so on. My pricing and packages are very clear and here’s my message: “Thank you for allowing me to capture your moments and here they are for you to keep.” All of my sessions include the digital images. This is very rare for a photographer to do. I understand why, but these are your moments, not mine. People are creative these days, they want to use their pictures in slideshows, Facebook, gifts for families. Why shouldn’t you be able to do that? My only request is when it comes time to print, you print at a professional place – never CVS, Walgreens, Costco etc. You may save a dollar or two, but those pictures you just paid for will be ruined. This is why other photographers hold on to their images and only release prints. Quality of the image is everything and unfortunately those places lack in the quality department. My clients always have the option to print through me and most do. My printing prices are very affordable. I want the entire experience to be affordable so that you come back to me every year. I want to see your family grow and be a part of all of your special moments.

My Style

Have you ever noticed that some of your best days, moments, times, laughs and cries are completely unexpected? Or happen by mistake? Like, you want to get your family pictures taken, so you pick out the perfect outfits, get hair cuts, get everyone ready and out the door when your 1 year old barfs on your 3 year old, your husband goes over a bump while putting on your lipstick and it’s all over your face and someone spills coffee everywhere. MAJOR FRAZZLE BREAKDOWN!!!!!! But guess, what? That happens to everyone. Here is where I fit in. My style is capturing your life, and life is messy! My sessions always come with a meltdown or two (mom, dad, kids …dog too). I love it! Because some of the best moments are when mom is calming down baby, or dad is wiping his daughters face, or mom and dad are looking at each other at the exact moment and think, thank goodness I have you. That’s my style. Life. Love. Moments.

What to Expect From My Blog

Over the course of the year, I will blog about many different topics. What to wear for your shoot. How to get ready for your shoot. Personal stories of amazing families. Super cool before and after images. Games and much more. If you have a topic you’d like me to write about, tell me! I’d love to hear your thoughts!