What to Wear?

I always recommend to my clients to wear something neutral. Try to coordinate your outfits with who you will be in the shoot with, but not blend together. You want to see separation in each person, but also compliment each other.

I recommend avoiding bright clothes or heavy jewelry.

Maternity Shoot:

Picking out an outfit for maternity shoots can be tough, especially during a time when you may not think you look your best. Stop right there. Every pregnant woman is beautiful.

For this type of shoot, I recommend a few outfit changes. Tight tops, avoiding stripes if possible. Again, neutral colors. Try to pick something you are comfortable in. Let me know ahead of time what your comfort level is with the belly showing or not showing.  

Newborn Shoot:

Turn up your heat! Before my scheduled time to arrive, about an hour before, crank up that heat. I suggest a temperature around 80 degrees. Yes, I am serious. We want the baby to be comfortable while undressed. If we are doing the shoot in my studio, be prepared…. it’s going to be hot in there!

Sorry moms, if you’re breastfeeding, no coffee/caffeine the morning of the shoot! I promise you can have some as soon as we get the shots we want. Try to feed the baby either right when I get there or just before. We want a full tummy and sleepy baby.

Remember, I am a professional. I work with newborns all the time and have had two of my own! So, relax. If you are stressed out, the baby will be stressed out. I want your experience to be fun, and enjoyable.

Family Photo Shoot:

I am always open to suggestions or requests for particular shots. If you have a pinterest board, go ahead and send it over. I will work with you through a series of poses and position you and your family accordingly. If there are any physical handicaps, please let me know ahead of time.

Shoot with Children:

Let’s go back to the no stressing rule. Kids are the same as babies, and dogs for that matter. They read stress levels and react. A melt down or two is totally allowed, actually expected. Dress them in something they are comfortable in. If there is a particular outfit that you want them to wear that they may not like, just bring it. Bribery will go a long way!